Role Of Dexamethasone,Granisetron And Haloperidol In Patients Who Have Undergone Laparoscopic Surgeries

Research Article
Shikha Sharma, Pranjali Kurhekar and Gnanasekar N
Laparoscopic surgeries, steroids, granisetron, haloperidol, antiemetic

Laparoscopic surgeries are associated with increased incidences of postoperative nausea and vomiting. There are variety of drugs which have been used for postoperative nausea and vomiting prevention which includes butyrophenones such as droperidol, 5HT3 antagonist ondansetron, dolasetron and corticosteroids decrease the incidence of PONV, none of these drugs either alone or in combination reduce incidence of PONV to 0%. These drugs have been tried together as combinations in their groups and also individually.

Results: Many studies established the antiemetic property of dexamethasone. There are very few studies which have compared granisetron and haloperidol for their efficacy as antiemetics. Also most of those studies have evaluated the drugs in combination. Hence the efficacy of each drug as agent for control of nausea and vomiting is not clear.