seasonal prevalence of haemonchosis in beetal goats in an organized farm of assam

Research Article
*Bulbul KH, Baruah N. and Saleque A

On the basis of 528 faecal sample examination it was perceived that the overall seasonal prevalence of haemonchosis were found to be highest in monsoon 111 (63.07%), Post monsoon 38 (43.19%), winter 32 (24.24%) and pre-monsoon 30 (22.73%) in Beetal goats of Goat Research Station Burnihat, Assam Agricultural University, Assam. The egg per gram (EPG) was estimated by the Modified Mc Master method and it was found to be significantly (p<0.01) higher in monsoon season than other three seasons. The low level of haemonchosis was observed from December to March in declining intensity and then it gradually increased from the month of April onwards and reached highest peak in the month of August and for a second time decline from September onwards. The month wise assessment of prevalence of haemonchosis revealed that the highest prevalence was found to be in the month of August in adult 29 (85.29%), Kid 7 (70.00%) and both age group 36 (81.82%). The study also revealed that the highest faecal egg count was recorded during the month of August (overall mean EPG of 1545.45 + 272.94) and lowest in the moth March (overall mean EPG 240.91 + 98.88).