Significance of Textural Analysis in the Recent Sediments of Kolakkudi Lake - Musiri Taulk, Trichirapalli District, Tamilnadu, India

Research Article
*Sivasamandy. R and Ramesh. R
Textural parameters, Skewness and kurtosis, grain size, lacustrine sediments.

Subsurface sediment samples of Kolakkudi Lake have been studied for textural parameters. A total of sixty four samples from twelve stations were collected along the lake profile from different locations indicate that the sediments possess a mean grain size range of coarse to fine sand; moderately well sorted to poorly sorted; very coarsely skewed to very finely skewed; very platykurtic to leptokurtic in nature. This area implies depositional energy conditions were also studied. The lacustrine sediments are deposited under tractive current conditions with dominant bottom suspension and rolling mechanisms.