sperm mediated gene transfer (smgt) - a novel approach to produce trangenic animals

Research Article
Pramod Kumar R.*, Anju Rajan R. and Abhijit Mitra
Sperm, Gene transfer, Electroporation, Liposome, Linker, Embryo

As the conventional methods of transgenic animals are affected from low efficiency and high cost, the use of sperm as vector for gene transfer is appeared to be interesting and promising. Gene delivery to offspring by this method is called as sperm-mediated gene transfer (SMGT). The SMGT appears to be simple, efficient, and relatively inexpensive methods in modifying animals and the genome of animals. Several factors determine the success of SMGT include, the donors of spermatozoa, incubation media, exogenous DNA size and type and the assisted reproductive technique used. SMGT has been used more or less successfully in the production of transgenic embryos and animals in a large number of species.