studies on the heavy metal distribution in the sediments of adirampattinam mangrove region, tamil nadu, india

Research Article
*Arsheed Hussain Dar., Prabhahar, C., Saleshrani, K and Tharmaraj, K
Heavy metal accumulation, Phytoremediation, Adirampattinam Mangrove region, Adirampattinam Coastal area

The present study was carried out for a period of 12 months i.e. from July 2010- June 2011. For the present study two sampling stations were fixed viz., Adirampattinam mangrove waters (Station I) and Adirampattinam coastal waters (Station II). The heavy metal concentration in sediments of the present study such as (Cd, Cu, Zn, Fe, Pb, Cr and Mn) showed spatio-temporal variation between the two stations (St-I and St-II). It also exhibited high values observed during the monsoon season and low values during the summer seasons. Heavy metals in sediments showed high values in coastal waters at Station II, while they exhibited low values are in Mangrove waters at Station I. Because mangroves act as phytoremediation process which is capable of trapping (accumulation) heavy metals to remove pollutant from contaminated soil without carrying any significant effect to vegetation. In mangroves soil system, strong absorption and fixing of heavy metals by soil easily accumulated in the soil, resulting in water absorption of heavy metals by growing plants.