A Study To Assess The Association Between Heavy Academic Workload And Sleep Deprivation Among High Schoolstudents

Research Article
Roselin Jennifer and Nishanthi.R
Sleep deprivation, Academic workload, High School Student, Adolescent

Sleep deprivation frequently results from not sleeping for long enough duration to ensure normal daytime functioning without sleepiness. It can also occur when sleep is fragmented or disturbed due to an untreated sleep or health disorder or lifestyle factors. The study aimed to find out the association between heavy academic workload and sleep deprivation among high school students. Quantitative research approach was adopted. Non probability convenient sampling technique was used to select the samples. Totally 100 samples were selected from 9th to 12th standard students, Government Girl’s higher secondary school, Guduvancheri. The structured questionnaire consist of 26 multiple choice questions regarding the demographic variables, sleeping, academic and extracurricular activity questions. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used for data analysis. The study results suggest that out of 100 samples 54% of students were sleep deprived 46% of students have no sleep deprivation and regarding academic workload 38% students have heavy academic workload, 62% students have no academic workload. There is a significant association found between sleep deprivation and additional courses like computer classes and coaching classes at P= 0.01 level.