Systematic Analysis On The Conventional And Digital Impression Techniques For Success In Fixed Dental Prosthesis

Research Article
Mithra R, Ramesh A.S., Kirubakaran A, and Nithya Priya S
Tooth, Teeth, Mouth, Impression, Digital impression, Conventional impression

Abstract:Impression making is one of the most important steps in constructing a dental prosthesis. For this conventional and digital impression techniques are used. Though the digital impression technique is growing in the field of dentistry, there is always a controversy between the digital and conventional impressions as to which method provides a better fixed dental prosthesis with accurate fit, as the fit of the prosthesis is important for the success of a prosthesis. 

Objectives: This systematic review was to compare the conventional and digital impressions inproviding better reproduction of details and hence a better fit of the prosthesis.

Materials and Methods: The MEDLINE–PubMed database was searched from May 2018 to 10years previously. Several journals were hand searched and cross references were done. The following data were extracted from the studies included for review. Publication, study design,sample size, prosthesis given, observations including marginal fit, dimensional accuracy, patient perception and ease of use and inference. 

Result: The search yielded 208 articles. Ultimately 24 articles were selected based on the eligibility criteria. The analysis shows that Digital impression method is better than Conventional impression technique in providing better reproduction of details and hence better fit of the prosthesis.

Conclusion:Based on the current existing data, it can be summarized that digital impressions are better than conventional impressions.