thermochemical, solvation number and acoustical parameters of a sulfa drug using ultrasonic velocity

Research Article
Santhakumari.S, Padmavathy.R, JasmineVasanthaRani.E
Ion-Solvent and Solute-Solvent interaction, apparent molal ,volume apparent molal compressibility, Solvation number, Acoustical parameters

Measurement of ultrasonic velocity in non-aqueous electrolytic solution gives information about the behavior of solution such as molecular association and disassociation. The attraction and repulsion between the molecules of the components involved show considerable effect upon the physical and chemical properties of a solution such as density, viscosity and ultrasonic velocity. Benzene sulphonamide is one of the sulfa drug used in the treatment of gastrointestinal, duodenyl ulcer, neurological disorder are analyzed for the solution of the sample, in formamide. Adiabatic compressibility, solvation number, apparent molal volume and apparent molal compressibility are computed and analysed for Benzene sulphonamide in non-aqueous solution. The Structure making/breaking nature of the solute in the solvent is envisaged