In Vitro Regeneration Studies Of Oxalis Corniculata From Nodal Explants

Research Article
Swetha Prasuna V N and B Srinivas
Oxalis corniculata . In vitro Regeneration. Nodal explants. Anthelmintic. Antiinflammatory. Oxalidaceae.

An in vitro propagation protocol has been established for Oxalis corniculata. It belongs to the family Oxalidaceae is a extensively known plant for its traditional uses such as anthelmintic, anti-inflammatory and diuretic etc. The present study investigates the development of a simple, reproducible and efficient in vitro protocol for plant regeneration using nodal explants. In vitro shoot multiplication nodal explants of O. corniculata achieved on solid MS basal medium supplemented with different concentrations and combination of growth regulators such as Kn, BAP, NAA, IBA and IAA. Highest shoot regeneration and shoot number results was obtained on MS medium augumented with BAP (1.0mg/l) and in combination with NAA (0.5mg/l) with 96% of regeneration frequency. However the shoot length was less when compared to Kn. The maximum shoot length was obtained in Kn (2.0mg/l) with NAA (0.5mg/l). All the microshoots produced normal roots within four weeks of culture on the basal medium supplemented with auxins IBA and NAA. NAA was found to be best for rooting. Complete plantlets were then hardened, acclimatized and transplanted to natural conditions, where they exhibited 75% survivability.