Chaoitic dynamic s-box generation for image encryption

Research Article
Anusha*., Manasa Bhat., Medini Naik., N G Sowjanya., and Arun Upadhyaya
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Chaotic Map, Latin Square, affine-power-affine, Substitution Box, Image Encryption

The Dynamic Substitution boxes are generated initially using the Logistic map and piece-wise linear chaotic map method. The chaotic behavior is introduced through the Logistic map, which is utilized to select one of a thousand S-boxes and determine the row and column of the selected S-box. The algorithm combines the advantages of keyed Latin square and affine-power-affine transformation to encrypt digital images that are highly correlated. This process results in an encrypted image that maintains a high level of performance and security. Experimental results are conducted to assess the algorithm. The analysis shows that the algorithm is effective in providing high security for digital media.