the development possibility of red meat arab production and its impacts on the imports and the arab inter-trade

Research Article
Nayera Yahia Solieman- Rania Mohamed Bourghish- Hamdy Abdu Al-Sawalhy- Afaf Zaki Ali Othman
red meat- Arab Production- Arab inter-trade- permanent spring project

The study aims to lessen the volume of Arab world imports of red meat by increasing the domestic production volume through vertical expansion of current production by implementing the permanent spring project “barely plantation” in the Arab world. Among the most important findings resulted from adopting and generalizing “the permanent spring project”, barely plantation in the Arab world, are several positive impacts such as the red-meat self-sufficiency increase as a result of the red meat production increase of (cows and buffalos). The imports rate decline at the same production increase rate, increase of the relative comparative advantage of all Arab countries and the improvement of the Arab exporting performance of the Sudan besides increasing the red-meat inter-exports rates for all countries. Therefore, the Arab inter-trade volume increases which means the increase of the Arab red-meat self-sufficiency under the new conditions. Finally, the evaluation of the planted barely based cattle feeding method “the case study in Egypt” shows the decline of planted barely ton production cost as compared to its production cost under the current situation and the barely ton importing price. It shows as well the decline of a head feeding based on the planted barely as compared to the feeding cost under the current situation.