flubendiamide a phthalic acid diamideeffect on protein metabolism of freshwater fish labeo rohita (hamilton)

Research Article
Nirmalakallagadda And Venkata Rathnamma.
Lepidopteron Insecticide, Flubendiamide, Labeo Rohita.

FlubendiamideA New lepidopteron Insecticide is used on to control important lepidopteron pests. The objective of present study, an attempt was made to examine the sub lethal toxic effect of flubendiamide insecticide on protein metabolism in the different tissues of freshwater fish Labeorohita. The LC 50 values determined for flubendiamide at 96 hrs were selected. The fish were exposed to sublethal concentrations for 1, 5 and 10th day and the changes in the protein levels of vital organs such as brain,gill, kidney, liver and muscle were studied by lowryet al., (1951)method. The results in sublethel exposure minimum percentage of protein depletion in Kidney (10.46%) and maximum percentagein Liver (25.42%) For 1 day, minimum depletion in kidney (6.53%) and maximum in Liver (13.49%) for 5 days, minimum percentageof decrement was observed in Kidney (5.22%) and maximum percentage of Liver (6.93%) For 10 days were observed when compared with controls. The changes and decrease in protein level might also be due to inhibition of metabolizing enzymes by administration of toxicants.