growth performance of macrobrachium malcolmsonii post larvae with formulated feeds using cotton seed oilcake

Research Article
*Kavithaa, K, Sumathi, S and Saravana Bhavan, S
Macrobrachium malcolmsonii, Bioenergetics, Growth, Cereals, Protein, Antioxidant

Prawns constitute an important and nutritious delicacy for human consumption and hence, there is a universal stress on the need for culture fishery of prawns. Formulated feeds play an important role as major input in aquaculture. The demand of feed is also increasing moreover, the costs of commercial feeds are non affordable to many farmers. The locally available some plant based ingredients have rich source of protein and carbohydrate e.g. cereals, pulses and nuts. In this present investigation we have formulated nine feeds contained protein concentrations of 35%, 40%, and 45% with basal diet contains cotton seed oil cake, Green gram, sunflower oil and cod liver oil. Furthermore, the over performance in morphometric data, feed utilization parameters and biochemical constituents, antioxidant, enzymatic studies, minerals and vitamins showed better performance in Feed-7 (45% protein ration + 1% Sunflower oil) fed prawns when compared with other groups. Therefore, cotton seed oilcake, green gram and sunflower oil can be utilized in combination to prepare farm made feeds for promoting the sustainable development of aquaculture of M. malcolmsonii