insilico docking analysis of marine derived compounds against oncoprotein of cervical cancer

Research Article
Senthil Raja, P., Ramya.R ., Prakash.M., Pradhap.M
cervical cancer, oncoprotein, pdb, HPV16 E6

Cervical cancer remains a major worldwide public health problem in women and it requires a potent lead compound for its control. Therefore, in the present study six compounds derived from marine organisms (algae, sponges and fungi) were tested against viral oncoprotein HPV16 E6 of cervical cancer. The 3D crystal structure of HPV16 E6 was tested for potent inhibitor compounds by insilico docking process. The results revealed that all the six compounds (scalaradial, rubrolide, caulerpin, zeatin, fascaplysine and liphagal) were identified to be efficient in destroying viral oncoprotein responsible for cervical carcinogenesis, based on activation energy