optimization of alkaline protease production from bacillus sp.agt under solid state fermentation

Research Article
Asok raja C.,*Prabhahar. C., **Saleshrani, K ., *Tharmaraj, K. and **Senthil murugan, A
Solid state fermentation, Substrate, Bacillus and Alkaline protease

Bacillus sp. AGT which produces an alkaline protease enzyme was isolated from the tannery effluent. It is important to produce the protease enzyme in inexpensive and use of cheaper raw material will slash the total production cost drastically. Production of alkaline protease by Bacillus sp.AGT using solid state fermentation was optimized. The effect of various substrates like green gram, rice bran and black gram were examined and found that green gram showed highest enzyme production. In addition to identification of suitable substrate, optimization of various process parameters such as inoculum concentration and initial moisture content were performed. Optimum inoculum size and initial moisture content were found to be 25% and 30% respectively.