Resilient narratives: exploring gogu shyamala’s portraits of dalit women in father may be an elephant and mother only a small basket, but

Research Article
*T. Haripriya and Prof. Dr. K. Ravichandran
Subaltern, resistance, reconstruction, patriarchy, social injustice, identity, gender discrimination

Gogu Shyamala is a well-known Dalit writer and social activist from Andhra Pradesh, and her anthology of short stories entitled Father may be an Elephant and Mother only a Small Basket. Shyamala explores themes of resilience, identity, and social injustice. Each story is a poignant reflection of the daily struggles, cultural richness, and indomitable spirit of these women, highlighting their strength in the face of systemic oppression. The collection not only provides a voice to marginalized communities but also challenges the reader to confront the realities of caste and gender discrimination in contemporary India.