Role of rogamarga in sadhyasadhyata of vyadhis

Research Article
*Dr. Pratibha. Kulkarni and Dr. S. M. Vaidya
Roga, Marga, Disease, Prognosis, Sadhyasadhyata

The concept of Roga-Marga is an unique contribution of Ayurveda in the field of clinical medicine. After narrating this concept in Nirdesa Chatuska, no where the clear cut and direct role of Roga Marga has been given but all the indirect scattered references show its application all over the Samhita. Acharya Charaka explained this concept with due emphasis in context of Tisraisaniya in NirdesaChatuska, which itself indicates its importance. Literally, the Rogamarga refers to the path of disease. As we give due importance to the Srotas while considering the distribution of the flowing material through them, similarly, one is bounded to understand the path of disease itself before knowing the disease and its management.