Trend analysis and prediction of rainfall and temperature using mann-kendall, sen’s slope and sarima model in north west agro climatic zone of tamil nadu

Research Article
*Dr. S. Latha
Climate change, Trend analysis, Coefficient of Variability, Mann-Kendall and Sen’s Slope test, SARIMA

The United Nation’s Global Sustainable Development Goal 13 is framed for taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. Tamil Nadu stands with a composite score of 67 under the Performance towards SDG’s goals in 2022-23.Since studies made at regional level would contribute to the national focus on achieving the goal, an attempt is made to study the trend analysis and prediction of Rainfall and Temperature using Mann-Kendall, Sen’s Slope and SARIMA model in North West Agro Climatic Zone, Tamil Nadu. This study would assist the policy and decision-makers to establish strategies to combat the changes in rainfall and temperature patterns and their stress on the global climatic change.